Adult Appellate Defense Division

IADD provides appellate representation in criminal cases arising in the 3rd-6th class counties. These include all counties except Washington County and the counties on the Wasatch Front. We view each appeal as an opportunity to improve indigent defense throughout the state and ensure every person has the access to justice they deserve regardless of income or where they live.

If in an adult criminal case from an eligible county your client pleads guilty or is found guilty after a bench or jury trial, please file a notice of appeal as soon as possible. You may use the form provided below.

Once the notice is filed, the Court of Appeals will appoint IADD as appellate counsel in the case. We will work with trial counsel to ensure a smooth transition from the trial level to the appellate level.

Trial preparation and in-trial assistance from IADD is available to defenders to help with preparing motions and preserving issues. Please email to request our assistance.

"A [person] on appeal needs an attorney not as a shield [] but as a sword, to upset the prior determination of guilt."
Ross v. Moffitt, 417 U.S. 600, 610-11 (1974).