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New resource for Indigent Defense Systems: 2021 Managing Defender Manual

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IDC v. GMS Grant Categories (PDF)

Each year, local government entities receiving Indigent Defense Commission grants must complete quarterly progress reports in order to receive the obligated funds. The completed reports must be uploaded to the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice (CCJJ) Grants Management System.

Click the tabs below to download reporting forms and detailed instructions for filling out the quarterly progress report. Case counting definitions adopted by the IDC are also provided for your convenience. If you need additional support, please contact Greg Bates.

Please download and fill out the following form(s):

NAPD Policy Statement on Public Defender Staffing

DefenderData Prime software information and resources by Justice Works

Federal grant funding is available to provide DefenderData case management software to indigent defense providers in Utah. Attorneys who do public defense are eligibile for this funding. The money helps cover the cost of 5 years of software license fees. IDC staff is available to help set up DefenderData and train attorneys in using it. Contact Greg Bates for more information.

Tell Us about Your Defender Data Challenges & Solutions

Use this form to tell about your challenges and suggestions on solving them when using the DefenderData case management software. IDC staff will compile and use feedback provided to inform discussions with the developer and shared user guides for the system. Thank you!
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You can access the Grants Management System using the link below (login required). You must use the web browser FIREFOX to access the system.

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