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The Utah Indigent Defense Commission's continuing legal education program provides targeted training, resources, and support to build a robust, connected community of specialized indigent defense practitioners who elevate the quality of representation.

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Self-Study CLE

IDC Webinar for Youth Defenders: The Competency Evaluation Process and Determining Client Needs. Jan. 11, 2024. 1 hour of self-study CLE credit is pending.

Presenters' PowerPoint slides

Juvenile Court 101; Motion for Inquire into Competency and proposed order template; ROI cover letter template; Template HIPPA complaint ROI; Declaration ROI template

IDC Webinar: How an Investigator Can Assist in Your Case. Nov. 17, 2023. 1 hour of self-study CLE credit is pending.

IDC Webinar: Bullets in Defense of Gun Cases? September 29, 2023

IDC Webinar: An Overview of the 2023 Sentencing Guidelines and Collateral Consequence Guide . April. 28, 2023. 1 hour of self-study CLE credit is pending.

2023 UFDA Parental Defense Conference:  2023 Legislative Review by Adam Trupp

IDC Webinar: Self-Care: Because Effective Defense Practice Is Not a Sprint But a Marathon. Jan. 27, 2023. 1 hour of self-study CLE credit is pending.

Limited IDC scholarships may be available.

IDC scholarships can be used to cover registration fees and travel expenses, such as meals, lodging, mileage, airfare, etc. to attend both in-state and out-of-state conferences and CLE events.

Download the IDC Scholarship Policy and read it carefully. Submit the Application Form, along with the appropriate travel pre-authorization form, to the IDC at

Please see the CLE event announcements below for any special scholarship requirements.