Managing Defender Manual

The IDC adopted "Managing Defender Manual" as an informal guide on managing defenders' responsibilities. A managing defender is a specific indigent defense provider with the role of coordinating local attorneys, staff, and resources related to providing indigent defense services in one or more indigent defense systems. This person is the central point of contact for information about the system’s indigent defense services and represents the system in various contexts.

Grant Monitoring Procedures and Guidelines

Monitoring procedures and guidelines for the Indigent Defense Commission’s Grant Program and grants were developed under the authority of Utah Code 78B-22-406, Indigent Defense Services Grant Program, which allows the commission to award and use grant money to “assist indigent defense systems to provide indigent defense services that meet the commission’s core principles for the effective representation of indigent individuals.“ The procedures described in this document apply to grant recipients and subrecipients of state funds passed through and administered by the IDC, and are applicable to all grants, agreements, contracts, and other financial assistance arrangements awarded from the IDC.